star flower #473 owned by ‘the burper’

The importance of metadata

Initially when I designed Star Flower, I knew about NFT metadata from my previous generative project, but I was so focused on making sure 1000 mints would look and feel unique that the metadata was not accounted for.

Ideally, the metadata would be a good place to start. It helps…


Hi. My name is Ruben and I want to give you a backstory behind my latest art release called Universal Key.

Oil Pastels

Earlier this year, my son asked me to purchase a large amount of oil pastels. He has created art for most of his life and typically prefers using pencil…

Bonfire at Porcfest 2016

A story about free markets and finding customers at a libertarian festival in New Hampshire.

Imagine a place where you had the freedom to be your true self. Not the self you present at work or home, but the unhinged version of you? What would that look like?

Now take…

…a story about the two times candy saved my life.

Let me lead off by saying a big thank you to the Neon Mob team and community for believing in a concept I submitted 5 months ago. I am grateful for this chance to contribute to Neon Mob’s community.


Ruben Alexander

Freelance Writer / Visual Designer / Quite the Clever Minecraft Miner. Bitcoin tips are appreciated:

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